Lab 1 - Computer Vision

Microsoft Azure Cognitive Services contain some pre-built models for the most typical tasks, such as object detection in pictures, speech recognition and synthesis, sentiment analysis and so on. Let us test the Computer Vision API service to see if it can recognize some specific objects in one particular problem domain.

Suppose we need to create an application that recognizes Simpson Lego Figures:

We will use the Simpsons Lego Figure Dataset from Henk Boelman.

Let us start by looking at how pre-trained Computer Vision cognitive service can see our images:

  • Go to the home page of Computer Vision Service

  • Scroll down to See it in action section

  • Paste the link below in the Image URL field and click Submit.
  • Observe how the image has been classified:

Computer Vision Results

While some of the objects (such as Toy) can be recognized by the pre-trained model, more specialized objects (like this is Bart Simpson or Marge Simpson) are not determined correctly.

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